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2024. 2.19

Supplement snack “Protein Ramune” using SEED-Tech is now on sale at all 336 FamilyMart stores in Okinawa Prefecture.

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the process of changing the design of an existing product, and its components, to make a new and improved product.  

Our reengineering goal is the development of technologies. 

licensing available

supplement ancillary device




healthspan &


cannabinoids &
mood balance

sports & 

technology development categories

We are seeking collaborators from academia and industry.

Joint research and development
  • Healthspan supplement formulas for infusing into beverages, health foods, and tablets.

  • Age-group specific dietary supplements to optimize lifespan.

  • Appetite suppressant supplement to aid in dietary fasting. 

  • Hydration supplement for athletic and outdoors activities.

  • Natural disaster emergency meal supplement.

Case Study:  SEED-Tech (RT-01)


 What is protein powder ? 

  • highly refined, processed, and dried proteins in powder form

  • derived from animal and plant sources 

  • per gram, usually cheaper to consume compared whole food sources of protein

  • commonly sold in bulk packaging

  • conventionally hand mixed with water to create a protein-rich beverage, a.k.a. the “protein-shake”


 Why consume protein powder ? 

  • to supplement a protein-deficient diet

  • to provide additional protein for fitness gains

Solid protein | Drink protein


​ Messy 

  • Preparing a protein-shake is messy. The powder is easily spilt, sticks to your hands, and can aerosolize during the preparation process.

 Poor solubility 

  • Many protein powders are not highly soluble in water, leaving clumps in the protein-shake. Existing tablet products that consist of compacted protein powder are nearly insoluble.  

protein powder

Technology Solution

  • One product innovation would be a  highly soluble protein powder tablet. 

  • To create the product innovation, REPS developed SEED-Tech (RT-01). 


Small - Effervescent - Ergogenic - Delivery - Technology
  • SEED-Tech combines formulation and compaction methods, allowing protein powder to be converted into a solid material that is highly soluble.

  • Using SEED-Tech, a large effervescent tablet can be made called a SEED.

  • SEEDs are the product innovation because they are not messy like powders and readily dissolve in water and beverages, providing an innovative way to make a protein-shake. 

Formulation Method
Compaction Method 
( product innovation )

Added values

  • SEEDs can be eaten directly, without making a protein-shake

  • The effervescent ingredients 

    • generate CO2 bubbles, which enhance the aroma 

    • create a feeling of satiation and fullness

  • SEEDs can be made into endless design shapes, which also allowing for precision dosing 

  • Compared to powders sold in bulk, SEEDs are more portable and allow for single serve products.

  • Not limited to protein powders. SEED-Tech can incorporate a variety of popular supplement powders like meal replacements, preworkout powders, creatine powders, and BCAA powders

  • Applicable beyond the health supplement industry, i.e.,  the military, emergency survival kits, and space travel.

REPS JAPAN licensing

For information about other technologies in development, please contact us at


In final stages of development

RT-02     cannabinoid formulation methods
RT-03     supplement ancillary device
RT-04     edible hydrogel material

About Us

 R e E ngineering  P article  
  E  P  S  is a research-and-development (R&D) company creating technologies for health and performance supplement companies.  
The purpose of our R&D is to develop technologies that
drive product and service innovations

bring aesthetic appreciation to supplement products

achieve cultural change 

Zach Bell, PhD

Representative Director

“Taking supplements has been a part of my daily routine for over 20 years. All of the products I consume are in the form of pills and powders. The REPS lab was established to rethink how supplements could be consumed .... thinking beyond pills and powders." 
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Zach Bell
Bell received a PhD from Queen Mary, University of London in the area of molecular neuroscience. He has 7 years experience in cannabinoid startups and currently serves as Scientific Advisor to Open Book Extracts, an American health supplement manufacturer and R&D company; and he is one of the representative directors of Shima & Co, the developer of Protein Ramuné. For more information, visit his Linkedin.



  • Joined the OIST Accelerator Program   (completed 2019)

  • Started R&D - RT-01 (SEED-Tech)

  • ​Registered company


  • Business Development - Advising Service 

  • Started R&D - RT-02 (cannabinoid formulation methods)

Corporate Name




2018 December

Technology Development
Advising and Consulting

 List of publications

Dr. Zach Bell's seed technology received more funding for commercialization. Using this technology, a product called “Protein Ramune” was developed and sold under the brand name “Shima Okinawa”.​

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Ryubo invests in Shima & Co, which sells protein ramune commercialized by Seed Technology

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Shima&Co. started crowdfunding for “Protein Ramune,” which commercialized seed technology

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OIST and Ryubo Shoji Co., Ltd. Concluded a memorandum of understanding to promote collaboration related to commercialization and sales promotion of seed technology

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