REPS JAPAN Co., Ltd. is a biotech company researching and developing the next generation of performance supplements. Looking towards the future, we imagine how the world will look once every human has the ability to reach their full potential. To fulfil this vision we are on a mission to Re-Engineer Performance Supplements that will advance civilization. Our mission is achieved by focusing in four areas of performance supplement research, Endocannabinoid Health, Terpene Ergogenics, Edible and Nutritive Materials Engineering, and Microbial Engineering. Our R&D is 100% funded through the sales of our services, raw materials, and finished products.


Business with REPS means supporting the advancement of performance supplement research, which elevates everyone in our industry. We serve Japan by offering one-of-a-kind, scientifically focused manufacturing services; and raw materials and finished products. We specialize in OEM for cannabinoid and terpene products. 



REPS is an international team of industry and academic trained professionals experienced in biomedical science, engineering, and technology development. At our core, we are leaders, creators, and experimentalists who live to solve interesting problems. 

Fherie Bernados 

Fherie Bernados is an analytical chemist with over 10 years of research and lab management experience. At REPS, he performs chemical analyses, develops purification assays, and designs and develops prototypes and finished product. His long term goal at REPS is to develop functional endocannabinoid health supplements that can be consumed using oral and inhalation delivery methods. Before REPS, he held positions within environmental science laboratories as an analytical chemist with a special interest in gas chromatographic techniques. Fherie received his Bachelor's degree in Chemistry from California State University - Sacramento.

Zach Bell 

The origins of REPS start with Zach Bell. In 2018 at OIST, he organized an international team of all PhD-level scientists to develop a disruptive platform technology called SEED-Tech. The technology was used to develop a performance supplement product and the intellectual property was transferred over to a Japanese startup that became REPS. Bell, now our CEO,  was trained as a Neuroscientist and has a strong interest in cognitive  performance enhancement. He aims to bridge the gap between academic biomedical science and the performance supplement industry, to stimulate innovation and technology development. He is also the Chief Science Officer of IONIC BRANDS Corp, a national cannabis holdings company based in Seattle, Washington USA; he has been with them since 2017. He received his PhD in Biology (Molecular Neuroscience) from Queen Mary University of London and two Bachelor's degrees (Biological Sciences and Human Performance) from the University of Memphis. He worked for OIST as a Postdoctoral Fellow and Entrepreneur in Residence, before spinning out REPS as a private company. He brings over 10 years of leadership and project management skills to REPS, and is passionate about advancing human performance through supplements.



REPS is located at the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology (OIST) in Onna Village, which is the site of our R&D laboratories. Our food-grade manufacturing of raw ingredients and finished products is carried out in Naha City and Nago City within licensed facilities. Our cosmetic-grade manufacturing is carried out in Ginowan City under our own licenses.




Corporate Name


Trade Name



2018 December 19

Representative Director

Zachary W. Bell, Ph. D.

Business Focus

Performance Supplements

Lines of Business

Research & Development (B2B)
Raw Material Sales and Manufacturing (B2B)
Finished Product Sales (B2B, D2C)
Technology Licensing (B2B)
Proof-of-Concept Test Marketing (B2B)
Consulting (B2B)


Cosmetic Manufacturing License (General)
Cosmetic Manufacturing and Sales License


The Okinawa Kaiho Bank
Sumishin SBI Net Bank
Bank of the Ryukyus

Fiscal Year


Starting Capital

5,000,000 yen


Innovation Square Incubator

Okinawa Institute of Science & Technology
1919-1 Tancha, Onna-son, Kunigami-gun

Okinawa, Japan 904-0495

Japan Office

​+81 50 5476 1496 (Sales Inquires)

+81 50 5476 1496 (General/Tech Support)

USA Office

​+1 206 701 6568 (General/Tech Support)