Research &

Our current R&D focuses on the study of performance supplement ingredients and re-engineering existing performance supplements to make them easier to consume and more effective. We specialize in three areas we believe will have the greatest impact for short term advancements within the performance supplement industry.

Edible and Nutritive Materials

Engineering materials from existing performance supplement powders and nutritional powders. The goal is to improve ease of consumption, dosing consistency, solubility, and transportability, all whilst reducing the bulky packaging and the mess associated with using these powders.


PC: Jeff Prine

Ingredient Testing

Behavioral and neural effects of performance supplement ingredients and finished products. We have an interest in the application of exocannabinoids and biogenic volatile organic compounds (BVOCs) as novel performance enhancers, therapeutics, and flavoring agents. The goal is to provide efficacy data on existing ingredients and discover novel ingredients.


PC: Jeff Prine

Microbial Expression

Identification, design, and expression of rare peptides and enzymes for use as novel APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) in performance supplement formulas; and biotransformation process applications.


PC: Jeff Prine