by Zach Bell

This is something we have pondered for a while now. We have not been able to get an astronaut on the phone so this is still a mystery to us. We do know that living in space requires strenuous daily exercise just to maintain earthling-like bone density, muscle mass, and vascular health. On earth, we typically consume protein shakes to aid in recovery from exercise. Ready-to-drink protein shakes don't require any work, but are quite heavy and must be refrigerated, and thus not ideal for space travel. Protein powders appear to be the better option since they are lighter and do not require refrigeration, although they do require preparation. Unfortunately, protein powders are quite messy during handling... on Earth. Can you imagine trying to make a protein shake in zero gravity? Thus, it is safe to assume powders aren’t space-friendly either. REPS developed a process called SEED-Tech for compacting protein powders into solid objects called seeds. Seeds are strong enough for space travel while remaining highly soluble when placed into water. We have focused on animal and plant-based protein seeds and have made them in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can think of seeds as protein powder bath bombs (that you can dissolve to drink or simply eat). SEED-Tech is not limited to using protein powders. We have made seeds using a variety of nutrition and food powders, which will prove handy for meal preparation during space travel. REPS is bringing nutritional supplement innovation to space travel.

Seeds + water + standard shaker bottle + zero gravity will still present other challenges.