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CBDV Cannabidivarin VarinCBD


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  • A new type of cannabinoid ingredient for Japan.

  • One-of-a-kind, broad spectrum distillate.

  • Perfect for blending into edibles, beverages, cosmetics, and vapes.

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14.5% CBDV

71.1% CBD


rare cannabinoids

and other



What is cbdv?

The Perfect Ingredient

Chocolate Truffle Selection


Ice Coffee Drink


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  • VarinCBD is unique because it naturally contains 14.5% CBDV.  The average broad spectrum distillate contains less than 1% CBDV.

14.5% CBDV.png

Analysis Details June 2022, an online search was conducted for Cannabinoid-Potency CoAs (Certificates of Analysis) to obtain the data used for this analysis. Eleven of the CoAs were found on company websites wholesaling broad spectrum distillates. Four of the CoAs were obtained via direct email to an ingredient manufacturer selling four distinct broad spectrum distillates. Data Inclusion Criteria - Material had to be named as broad spectrum distillate. - Price had to be in JPY with the intent for wholesale within Japan. - CoA (Certificate of Analysis) had to be for the raw material and not a formulated product. - Total cannabinoids had to be in the range of > 85% to

  • CBDV is a cannabinoid found naturally occurring in hemp. Like CBD, CBDV is researched for its effects on the brain 1 and inflammation 2.


  • CBDV binds to the endogenous receptors differently from CBD 34 because of its shorter carbon side chain.

CBD CBDV molecules-01.png

Use VarinCBD with your existing products

Reasons why you should choose VarinCBD

  • VarinCBD is a well-priced broad spectrum distillate and it contains the highest amount of CBDV available in Japan.

bubble plot edit 4.png

Analysis Details June 2022, an online search was conducted to identify Japanese companies wholesaling broad spectrum distillates. Data Inclusion Criteria - Material had to be named as broad spectrum distillate. - Price had to be in JPY with the intent for sale within Japan. - CoA (Certificate of Analysis) had to be for the raw material and not a formulated product. - Total cannabinoids had to be in the range of > 85% to

  • VarinCBD adds monetary value to your products!

added value_zb update June29.png

Details VarinCBD contains 14.5% CBDV per kilogram 1 kilogram = 1000 grams 14.5% x 1000 g = 145 g of CBDV ---------------------------------------- The black dotted-line in the figure above is the average price per gram across four different pure CBDV isolates identified June 2022 through online searches. The price per gram was derived from the price per kilogram for each pure CBDV isolate (1 kg / 1000 g = 1 g) The average market price for pure CBDV was 4200円 per gram. ---------------------------------------- 4200円 average market price x 145 grams of CBDV = 60.9万円 of value in the CBDV alone found in VarinCBD. Our price per kilogram of VarinCBD is only 69.9万円, which is 87% of the monetary value of the CBDV content. (60.9万円/69.9万円) x 100 = 87% ---------------------------------------- There are still a remaining 74.9% of the other cannabinoids which are highly valuable. This means VarinCBD is well worth the price!


How its Made


  • Environmentally protected site at the foothills of the Himalayas.

  • Hemp is grown outdoors with high annual rainfall and moderate temperatures.

  • Mean distance above sea level is 2000 meters, higher than most hemp cultivation sites.


  • Occurs in an ISO 9000 Certified Facility.

  • Mature hemp stalks are ground into granules.

  • Crude oil is extracted from the granules using Supercritical Fluid CO2 Technology.



  • Crude oil arrives at a GMP Certified Facility in Colorado.

  • Waxes are filtered out, the remaining oil is distilled, and the distillate is purified using Chromatographic Methods to produce our VarinCBD.

  • It is Third-Party Tested for cannabinoid potency and various contaminants, see CoAs below.

The Ingredient

 VarinCBD's Entourage

VarinCBD is a broad spectrum distillate that is more than CBD and CBDV.
It also contains CBG, CBGA, and higher than normal levels of THCV.


Want to learn more?

Here are collections of primary research and review papers
within the PubMed database.

Certificates of Analysis

CoA Important Points.png



Residual Solvents

Heavy Metals




Varin CBD Consolidated COA 1_2.jpg
Varin CBD Consolidated COA 2_2.jpg
pestcides, mycotoxin.jpg
Company Info

The Company

REPS JAPAN Co., Ltd. (REPS) is dedicated to paradigm shifting research-and-development for the cannabinoid and performance supplement industries. Our primary business focuses on developing Intellectual Property (IP) in the form of manufacturing processes and products. Secondary business activities include R&D consulting, manufacturing, importing and sales.

Intellectual Property

selling, licensing,

and technical feasibility 


R&D Consulting

cannabinoid-product design and development




Importing & Sales




We have an international team of industry and academically trained professionals capable of translating the latest scientific research into immediate market applications.


The team is led by Dr. Zach Bell, Ph.D., an expert in cannabinoid formulation science.

basic research microscope picture.jpg


Our Headquarters Office is located on the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University (OIST)

campus, and is the main site of our R&D. Manufacturing of finished products is carried out in nearby Onna.


The FDA has not evaluated this ingredient for safety or efficacy. This is an ingredient, not a food. It is only sold to Japanese companies and businesses. We recommend individuals consuming this ingredient to always consult with a healthcare professional. This ingredient is not meant to treat or cure any medical condition(s). If an individual consumes this ingredient, and does not feel well after consuming it, the individual should stop consuming immediately and consult with a healthcare professional. This ingredient does not show detectable levels of THC as evidenced by its Certificate-of-Analysis (CoA) test results. This ingredient should only be manufactured by professionals. Keep away from children. REPS JAPAN does not sell this ingredient to individuals under 20 years of age. Retailers should only sell products, containing this ingredient, to adults 20 years old and up. Not recommended to individuals nursing a baby(s) or pregnant or currently on prescription medication(s) or operating heavy machinery.


As the wholesaler, REPS JAPAN does not sell or distribute any products that are in violation of local laws and regulations, including but not limited to the Cannabis Control Act (1948) and Food Sanitation Act. The product listed on this website is not registered under the Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency in Japan. Any claim made for it has not been subject to evaluation for such registration. Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat or prevent any disease. You are advised to consult with your health care practitioner prior to use of our products as dietary supplements. You are required to use our products at your own risk. You should always check the product label or package before using any of the products. If you need to verify the details, uses, or dosages on a product label or package, you should contact us directly at

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Business hours: 9:00 - 17:00

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